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Plays in English

Alberto Lombardo's theater translates the language of the heart, the body, and the mind with humor and derision, putting his characters' self-reflection on stage. His plays are about relationships, family, identity, desire, sex, and spirituality.

One Last Waltz Before the Angel Passes

A short play about an erotic encounter, as told by an omniscient narrator.

Love is never keeping count

Andre shares his life with two women... who don't know about each other. After finding out about the situation, Mario tells both women the truth. How do they react? What are Mario's intentions? And how far are they willing to go for love?

A scent of a Hot Air Balloon

Outside, a storm is raging. Madame returns from her travels one day early, without warning. Alphonse, her butler, wasn't expecting her. The usual interchange between a mistress and her servant rapidly turns into a merciless duel.

Beneath the cruelty and provocation, in which each puts the other in their place, lurks the desire and the fear of being loved.

Originally entitled "Un parfum de montgolfière," this play is regularly produced in France. In 2012, it was performed at Montreal's Fringe Festival, in Barcelona, and at Clark University in Massachusetts.