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Acting can help immerse students in the sounds and syntax of another language. Theater acting is a way to move past inhibitions and appreciate nuance and subtext.

Of course, experience with theater isn't at all necessary.

My writing workshops are composed of educational and fun exercises, using my own plays as well as plays from contemporary French playwrights. I encourage students to write their own scenes.

My acting workshops use classic and contemporary texts, improvisation, physical exercises derived from yoga (breathing, balance), and choreographic exercises (walking, attraction/repulsion, well-being/illness, will/refusal).

Workshop at Clark University


The workshops center around my plays or specific themes (identity, commitment, obstacles, desire). They mix writing and acting with pleasure and self-development.

If time permits, I like to end the workshop with a public presentation of our work.

Workshops can be longer, involving four or five meetings with the same groups of students and ending with a show.

Shorter workshops (one meeting) can center around (1) a part of one of my texts that the students have already read, (2) writing from the students themselves, or (3) improvisation on specific themes.

Evening performances and readings of my plays are also possible, followed by a discussion.

Workshop with Gérard Depardieu in Paris

For an idea of the sort of work I do, here are three letters of recommendation from professors of theater and French at Clark University.